The 8 Best Upcoming Gadget Of 2019

There are terms and products that sounded like fiction until a few years ago, but that today is a reality.

1. Akin Vector Robot Sidekickrobot

2. Bose Home Speaker 500 Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexaspeaker

3. Razer BlackWidow Elite: Esports Gaming Keyboardkeyboard

4. DJI Mavic 2 Pro Quadcopter DroneDrone

5. Logi Circle 2 Home Security CameraCamera

6. Microsoft Xbox One X Gaming Consolexbox gaming

7. Acer Spin 5 Touchscreen LaptopLaptop

8. Razer Wolverine Ultimate Chroma​ Xbox and PC Gaming Controller​Console

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Most Delicious Food You Must Try Once

The World’s 10 Best Restaurants Academy – comprising over 1,000 voters headed by 26 regional Academy Chairs – has once again voted, and the 2018 list was announced on Tuesday 19th June at the annual awards ceremony at the Palacio Euskalduna in Bilbao, Spain.

Including restaurants from 23 different countries across six continents, this year’s list boasts six new entries and three re-entries. Check out the list in pictures.

Prawn and SmokedPrawn and Smoked


Crab on fireCrab on fire


50-hour-cooked beef short rib05370a38d8442dc127a0dfda65de330a


Wild turbot, cheek in spring vegetable jelly, roasted fleshroasted flesh


Lemon tartLemon tart


Fish rescoldo, caldillo de congrio and white roses garumFish rescoldo




Tiramisu sweet-dessert-glass_70626-3016.jpg


Legumes from Versailles Castleclose-up-delicious-hot-food-wooden-desk_23-2147871050


Seafood plate with shrimps prawnshrimps prawn

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How Eating Superfoods Can Take Your Diet to the Next Level

The hype around these ingredients is relentless. Here’s what you should look for at the grocery store—and, more importantly, what to avoid.

Acai bowl covered in fruit on a white wood tabletop
Fight for Fitness

The superfood we eat have become no less complicated than our relationships with the people we talk to on a daily basis. And the abundance of choices has made us more obsessed than ever with seeking out not merely foods that are good for us, but foods that are best for us. This is where superfoods—the guiltless, sinless, natural, nourishing ingredients that feature heavily in Gwyneth Paltrow blog posts—come in to play. Since the term now gets applied to everything from orange peels to alligator meat, we took a closer look at some of the most common superfoods to see which ones are worth your time—and which ones you can leave on the shelf.

This is a common refrain from experts: A superfood in its purest, least-processed form might indeed be “super,” but additives and packaging can corrupt an otherwise-healthful product. In the case of açai, that means sugar. “A lot of times, if you read that ingredient list, they’re going to have added three or four types of sugar,

As for fighting cancer? “I haven’t heard this,” said Vasanti Malik, a research scientist at Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health. “Some evidence suggests that there are certain active compounds found in chia—essential fatty acids, flavonols, and phenolic compounds—some of which may have a role in cancer prevention.”

The experts weren’t as effusive with their praise, especially as it ranks alongside other beverages. “Because we’re so busy with our day-to-day lives, we’ll see something that’s like, “Oh, probiotics! I’m going to grab it!’” Kearney said.

She stressed that there are some good kombuchas, which boast a high concentration of probiotics to help balance the digestive system. But again, sugar and preservatives are the landmines many consumers aren’t looking for. Check up and down the aisle for products that have fewer ingredients, fewer additives, and no added sugar, she suggests. This could mean a vinegar-based kombucha with less fruit juice; it could also just be a plain cup of polyphenol-filled black tea.

“Autoimmune disease is where the body mistakenly attacks itself; eating kale cannot magically stop that,” Kearney said. That said, she adds: “One of the main causes of autoimmune disease is the Western diet, which is filled with calorie-dense foods that have very little nutritional value.” Swapping out white rice for kale in a vegetable bowl would be a great way to reduce your intake of those more problematic ingredients.

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